Monoscalitheca fasciculata, a new genus and species, is described from compression material found in the shale parting of the Upper Freeport (No. 7) coal [Pennsylvanian] of southeastern Ohio. This fructification is allied to the family Zygopteridaceae of the order Coenopteridales. Monoscalitheca fasciculata consists of a very wide rachis which bears alternate distichous branches which in turn bear alternate circular sori. The sori are composed of numerous, elongated, curved, erect, free sporangia. Each sporangium has a single dorsally placed annulus which extends from the apex to the base of the sporangium. The cellular tissue to the left of the annulus differs from the tissue to the right of the annulus. The spores are numerous, small, rounded, trilete with scabrate ornamentation and would belong to the group Punctatisporites if found isolated.

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