In the carbonate facies of the Fairholme Group (Upper and possibly Middle Devonian) stromatoporoids are important rock-forming and reef-building organisms. A fauna from these beds and from the overlying Alexo and Palliser formations is described. At the top of the Devonian succession a new species of Labechia (L. valliseri) occurs. A new genus, Hammatostroma, is established for stromatoporoids of the family Clathrodictyidae in which the pillars do not extend directly between the laminae but are bent to form a tangled structure in the interlaminar space. Hammatostroma albertense is described as the species typical of this genus. Two new species of Atelodictyon (A. stelliferum, A. ordinatum) and Trupetostroma (T. lecomptei, T. tenue) are described and a new species of the genus Anostylostroma (A. vesiculosum).

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