Two new occurrences of some relatively little known microfossils are reported. These microfossils, called chitinozoans, are believed to represent an extinct order of rhizopod protozoans. The fauna described is that of the Devonian Cedar Valley formation, and represents a composite sampling of that unit from locations near Ottumwa, Iowa, and Coralville, Iowa. More than 14 species are described which are referable to the genera Angochitina, Ancyrochitina, Sphaerochitina and Earlachitina. Included in the fauna is 1 new species, Sphaerochitina collinsoni, and 2 species previously unreported from Devonian rocks. Relationships with other Devonian faunas are discussed. It is concluded that an earlier reported occurrence of this fauna from the Solon member of the Cedar Valley is in error; evidence is presented indicating the source was from the Rapid member. information concerning the distribution, thickness, lithology, age, and correlations of the Cedar Valley formation is discussed in some detail. Techniques of recovering chitinozoan specimens from limestone are reviewed.

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