Fusulinids are described or illustrated from an unnamed limestone near Morgantown, Butler County, Kentucky; from the Curlew limestone of Union and Crittenden counties, Kentucky; from the Boskydell? marine zone of the Delwood sandstone of Pope County, Illinois; and from a limestone considerably above the Delwood sandstone in Saline County, Illinois. They include Profusulinella kentuckyensis, n. sp., and numerous unnamed forms of Millerella and Paramillerella from near Morgantown; Fusulinella stouti and F. iowensis from the Curlew limestone; Fusulinella stouti? from the Boskydell? marine zone; and Fusulina serotina and F. aff. F. Leei from the limestone of Saline County. This first observation of Profusulinella E of the Mississippi River demonstrates the presence of lower Derryan (lower Atokan) rocks in central Kentucky. The presence of numerous associated ozawainellids, such as Millerella spp. and Paramillerella sp., supports the interpretation that the containing rocks are of lower Middle Pennsylvanian age. The most primitive Pennsylvanian marine rocks that can be identified at the present time in the Illinois basin are in the eastern part of the basin in Kentucky and Indiana. The ostracods described or illustrated from the limestone near Morgantown include 4 new, 3 previously described, and one unnamed form of Bairdia; 4 previously described forms of Fabalicypris; one unnamed form of Basslerella; one new species each of Healdia and Aurikirkbya; and one previously known form of Amphissites. They compare closely with the ostracods known from the lower part of the Dornick Hills group of the Ardmore basin, Oklahoma.

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