The type species of Mycterops Cope, 1886, (M. ordinatus Cope) is redescribed and refigured inasmuch as as the original description and figures were inaccurate. The family Mycteropidae Cope, 1886, is emended to include only the genus Mycterops and is referred to the superfamily Eurypteracea Burmeister, 1845, Mycterops? scabrosus Woodward, previously included in the family Mycteropidae, is considered the genotype of a new genus, Woodwardopterus, which is referred to a new family, Woodwardopteridae, and delegated to the superfamily Stylonuracea Diener, 1924. Campylocephalus scouleri (Hibbert), hitherto mainly included in the family Stylonuridae Diener, 1924, is made the type species of a new genus, Hibbertopterus, which is included along with the genus Campylocephalus Eichwald, 1860, in a new family, Hibbertopteridae, and referred to the superfamily Stylonuracea Diener, 1924.

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