Several thousand arenaceous Foraminifera have been obtained from insoluble residues of Mississippian Kinderhook Rockford limestone collected from two localities in Jasper and Benton counties, Indiana. Fourteen or more genera and 33 species, 22 of which are new, represent the families Astrorhizidae, Saccamminidae, Hyperamminidae, Reophacidae, Tolypamminidae (includes ammo-discids), and Lituolidae. Distribution of forms is divided between those with affinities to older Silurian and Devonian faunas, and others, in greater number, with affinities to the younger Pennsylvanian arenaceous Foraminifera. No other systematic studies of arenaceous Foraminifera are available of Kinderhook faunas of the United States on which to base a paleontologic comparison.

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