Two species of discosorinid nautiloids, Cyrtogomphoceras sp. cf. C. thompsoni Miller & Furnish, and Parryoceras strandi, n. sp., are illustrated and described from the Upper Ordovician of the Oslo region, Norway. Two additional nautiloids from the Norwegian Lower Silurian represent a new genus and species of Cyrtogomphoceratidae, for which the name Konglungenoceras norvegicum is proposed. Neither Cyrtogomphoceras nor Parryoceras has previously been reported with certainty from Europe; in addition, the Cyrtogomphoceras exhibits endocones in the siphuncle, structures not heretofore known to occur in the Cyrtogomphoceratidae. Konglungenoceras is like the phragmoceratid Protophragmoceras externally, but similar to advanced Cyrtogomphoceratidae internally. It may represent an unrecognized discosorinid family, perhaps including the Devonian genus, Alpenoceras.

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