The type species of Liomphalus Chapman, 1916, and Scalaetrochus Etheridge, 1890, are re-investigated on the basis of topotype material from the Lilydale limestone (Lower Devonian) of Victoria. Liomphalus, generally regarded as a synonym of Lytospira Koken, 1896, is shown to be a synonym of Euomphalus Sowerby, 1814, as it is based on internal moulds of Straparolus (Euomphalus) northi (Etheridge, 1890). Trochus (Scalaetrochus) lindstroemi Etheridge, 1890, the type species of Scalaetrochus Etheridge, 1890, is shown to possess a variably callus-filled umbilicus and is not anomphalous as has been presumed. Thus, Siluriphorus Cossmann, 1918, should probably be regarded as a junior synonym of Scalaetrochus.

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