New genera and species of Albian ammonites from Alaska include Moffites robustus Imlay, Freholdiceras singulare Imlay, Kennicottia bifurcata Imlay, and Parasilesites bullatus Imlay. The new species of Moffites and Kennicottia are associated with Leconteites deansii (Whiteaves) and are of early Albian age. The new species of Freboldiceras is associated with Beudanticeras glabrum (Whiteaves) and Lemuroceras sp. aff. L. indicum (Spath) and is probably of early Albian age. The new species of Parasilesites is associated with Brewericeras breweri (Gabb), Cleoniceras sp., Valdedorsella sp., Hulenites sp., and Lemuroceras (Subarcthoplites) sp. aff. belli McLearn. This faunule is either early Albian or early middle Albian in age.

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