"Two brachiopod species, previously described by Koerner from Triassic (Cassian-Raibl) strata of the Nevado de Acrotambo, northern Peru, have been found to occur also in the region about Cerro de Pasco, central Peru. Both are referred to Cooper's new genus Spondylospira, as are five (perhaps even seven) more forms from the Nevado de Acrotambo and 'Spiriferina' koessenensis Zugmayer from the upper Triassic (Rhaetic) of the northern calcareous Alps of Austria. Also 'Spiriferina' steinmanni Tilmann and 'Spiriferina sp.' Tilmann, both from the middle Liassic of the Cerro de Pasco region, may be referable to Spondylospira."

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