Sub-Recent ostracod valves of Bradleytriebella lineata (Victor & Fernando, 1981) were recorded in Nahal Bokek only in 2008 but not during subsequent surveys in 2010 and 2013. Nahal Bokek, a stream entering the Dead Sea from its western escarpment, represents the species’ single record in Israel, far away from its main Afrotropical and South to East Asia distribution. The temporary colonization of Nahal Bokek by B. lineata probably resulted from the suitability of the thermal stream waters for occupation and the subsequent termination of the population only six days after the collection of the sub-Recent valves during a flood on 24 October 2008. The preceding flood on 30 February 2008 restricts the period of possible stream inhabitation by B. lineata to a duration of eight months. Thus, the record of sub-Recent valves of B. lineata in Nahal Bokek represents an exceptional example of short-term occupation of a hydrologically dynamic flood-controlled water body by a species far away from its main geographical distribution. The recognition of Nahal Bokek as a stream fed mainly by thermal waters shows that the documentation of the abiotic habitat characteristics is a prerequisite for the understanding of the occurrence of a species outside its proper range of distribution.

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