During analyses of ditch cuttings samples from wells 34/10-53A and 35/9-F-1H drilled by Statoil ASA in the North Viking Graben, North Sea, 16 specimens pertaining to Aratrocypris were found. One specimen was found at 1260 m (depth below KB) in 35/9- F-1H within an interval of Lower Paleocene claystones, and based on its white chalky preservation characteristics is considered reworked from Maastrichtian chalk. The remaining 15 specimens were found among ostracod-rich microfossil assemblages of Early Cretaceous age in a sample at 4190 m of 34/10-53A, and at 2166 m of 35/9-F-1H. Although these samples contain numerous ostracods, the occurrence at...

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