The Southern Ocean shelf ostracod fauna is quite well known, while the bathyal and abyssal ones remain poorly understood. Herein, Recent Thaerocytheridae ostracods collected from deep regions in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean are described and figured. The discovery of Bradleya mesembrina Mazzini, 2005 extends its geographical and bathymetric distribution to the Antarctic zone of the Southern Ocean and to shallower (231 m) and to deeper regions (4420 m). Harleya ansoni (Whatley, Moguilevsky, Ramos & Coxill, 1998) is reported for the first time from the Weddell Sea. We also describe three new species: Poseidonamicus hunti Brandão & Päplow sp. nov., Poseidonamicus tainae Brandão sp. nov. and Poseidonamicus yasuharai Brandão & Päplow sp. nov. For the first time we provide SEM photos of the lectotype of Poseidonamicus viminea (Brady, 1880) nomen dubium. We observe that P. yasuharai displays features intermediate to Harleya and Poseidonamicus, indicating that these two genera may require new diagnoses. The bathymetric distribution of Poseidonamicus is extended to the abyssal zone and to shallower environments, and its geographical distribution is extended southwards. Finally, the inter-specific variability in the number and type of setae and claws found on several segments of Poseidonamicus limbs are intermediate between the highly variable Bairdioidea and the homogeneous Macrocyprididae.

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