The genus Praecypridea gen. nov. (Cypridoidea, Family Cyprideidae Martin, 1940) is described and thus far comprises four species: the type species Praecypridea acuticyatha (Schudack, 1998) comb. nov., Praecypridea postelongata (Oertli, 1957) comb. nov., Praecypridea suprajurassica (Mojon, Haddoumi & Charriére, 2009) comb. nov. and Praecypridea acuta (Moos, 1959,inWicher, 1959) comb. nov. Representatives of the new genus have been described from the Middle to Late Jurassic of Europe, North America and Africa and the Early Cretaceous of South America, with other presumed representatives also occurring in the Early Cretaceous. Species of Praecypridea are considered to represent members of the ancestral lineage of the extinct genus Cypridea Bosquet, representatives of which flourished in non-marine habitats of latest Jurassic to Early Cretaceous age and account for the first period of abundance of the non-marine Cypridoidea.

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