In 1994, O'Dogherty (p. 137) erected the genus Anachoreta for a distinctive multicyrtid radiolarian having pentagonal postabdominal segments in cross-section, a feature hitherto unknown among Cretaceous nassellarians. This monospecific taxon is a useful stratigraphical marker, ranging from the latest Albian to Middle–Late Cenomanian times. Recently, it was discovered that Gistel (1848) first gave the same name Anachoreta to an insect of the suborder Symphyta (Hymenoptera) as replacement name pro LophyrusLatreille, 1802, previously preoccupied. Therefore, in accordance with the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (1999) (Article 60), the name Pentaspongoreta is herein proposed as a replacement (type species...

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