The large, agglutinated foraminiferal genus Aschemocella Vialov, 1966 (type species Aschemonella carpathica Neagu, 1964) and the body fossil Halysium Świdziński, 1934 (type species Halysium problematicum Świdziński, 1934) are herein synonymized with the genus Arthrodendron Ulrich, 1904 (type species A. diffusum Ulrich, 1904), a form originally described as a marine alga from Upper Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) flysch sediments of the Kodiak Formation of the Yakutat Group (formerly Yakutat Formation) on Pogibshi Island, Alaska. The species Aschemonella carpathica Neagu is regarded as a subjective junior synonym of Arthrodendron diffusum Ulrich, which is herein lectotypified and transferred to the Foraminifera.

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