The Gökdere Formation of the Alakircay Nappe (Antalya Nappes) mainly consists of cherty limestone and limestone with calciturbidite intercalations. Moderately to well-preserved radiolarians were obtained from the Gökcam section of the Gökdere Formation located to the west of Antalya City, southwestern Turkey. The radiolarians of the Gökdere Formation obtained in this study are comparable to the faunas described from the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia and the Antalya Nappes, southwestern Turkey. The age range of the radiolarians is late Early Norian to early Middle Norian based on the co-occurrence of Capnodoce serisa, Harsa siscwaiensis, Xiphosphaera fistulata and an associated fauna. Three species (Nodocapnuchosphaera altineri, Renzium whalenae and Enoplocampe(?) norica) and one subspecies (Kinyrosphaera helicata goekcamensis) are defined as new.

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