Three new miospore species, Pilosisporites aleksandrae, Neoraistrickia crinita and Pteroretis obliquus are described from the Namurian of the Upper Silesia Coal Basin. The first two species appear to be stratigraphically restricted to the Arnsbergian–Marsdenian stages. Pilosisporites aleksandrae occurs in miospore assemblages representing the west European miospore zones Stenozonotriletes triangulus–Rotaspora knoxi (TK), Kraeuselisporites ornatus–Lycospora subtriquetra (SO) and Crassispora kosankei–Grumosisporites varioreticulatus (KV), while Neoraistrickia crinitaoccurs in the SO and KV zones. Pteroretis obliquus is recorded from the upper part of the SO Zone and KV Zone and has a slightly shorter stratigraphical range, probably Chokierian–Marsdenian.

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