The holothurian paraspecies Achistrum brevisMostler, 1971 from the Norian of Hernstein (Lower Austria), is a junior homonym of Achistrum brevisGutschick, 1959. A. brevisGutschick, 1959 is a significant element in the Lower Mississippian of northern Indiana, USA (Gutschick, 1959, 132). In consideration of this homonymy, it is proposed that Achistrum brevisMostler, 1971, is changed and designated as Achistrum hagdorni Mostler & Reich nom. nov.

Class HolothuroideaBlainville, 1834

Order ApodidaBrandt, 1835

Parafamily AchistridaeFrizzell & Exline, 1956

Paragenus AchistrumEtheridge, 1881 emend. Frizzell & Exline, 1956

Achistrum hagdorni nom. nov. (Fig....

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