A palynological study of Campanian-Danian chalks from the quarries at Beutenaken and Hallembaye (Maastricht region) and from a borehole at Turnhout (northern Belgium) has revealed the presence of seven new species and subspecies of dinoflagellate cysts: Exochosphaeridium? Masureae sp. nov., Leberidocysta chlamydata subsp. schiolerii subsp. nov., Odontochitina streelii sp. nov., Pervosphaeridium septatum sp. nov., Spiniferites ramosus subsp. pterocoelus subsp. nov., Stephodinium? spinosum sp. nov. and Xenascus wetzelii sp. nov. Nexosispinum? complicatum described by Slimani (1996) as a new species is now a junior synonym of Pulchrasphaera minuscula Schiøler et al. (1997).

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