The genus AubignynaMargerel, 1970 (type A. mariei) was originally described from the upper Pliocene of NW France. Examination and re-illustration of topotypes of A. marieiMargerel, 1970, the holotype of Buccella planidorsoAtkinson, 1969 (from the Recent of Cardigan Bay, Wales) and syntypes of Rotalia perlucida Heron-Allen & Earland, 1913 (from the Clare Island Survey, western Ireland) shows them to be conspecific. Consequently, the type species of Aubignyna becomes R. perlucida, for which a lectotype is chosen. A new species of microforaminifera formally described here is assigned to Aubignyna and shown to occur in a wide range of intertidal–shallow subtidal, brackish–normal marine estuaries and lagoons in Europe and North America.

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