Multiple soil CO2 efflux surveys have been undertaken at the summit cone of Teide volcano, Tenerife, from 1997 to 2011, to determine the total CO2 emissions from the summit cone and to evaluate the temporal variations of CO2 efflux and their relationships with seismic–volcanic activity. Our results reveal significant fluctuations in degassing rate, which do not seem to be masked by atmospheric variations. These geochemical observations provide evidence for the unrest of the volcanic system, as has been suggested previously by anomalous seismic activity recorded in Tenerife during 22–29 April 2004. A new trend of increasing CO2 efflux and CO2/CH4 ratio in fumarolic gas discharges was observed from 2006 to 2009, suggesting that subsurface magma movement is the cause for the observed changes in the total output of diffuse CO2 emission at the summit cone of Teide.

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