Integrated seismic and well data provide for the first time a picture of the geological evolution of the Venice area over the last 5 Ma and a 3D subsoil model, which is fundamental to prediction of the anthropogenic uplift of Venice by seawater injection. A Pliocene southward prograding complex formed a shelf–slope system, whereas subsidence related to the Apennine foredeep development led to the establishment of a Early Pleistocene deep-water environment, favouring the accumulation of a thick turbidite succession. The NE progradation of the palaeo-Po river delta during the Middle Pleistocene promoted a drastic environmental revolution, followed by the deposition of cyclothems linked to glacio-eustatic changes.

Supplementary material:

Details of the seismic data and their relationship to the boreholes are available at http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/SUP18537.

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