The middle Darriwilian δ13C excursion (MDICE), one of the least known of the Ordovician δ13C excursions, has previously been recorded only from the Middle Ordovician of Baltoscandia. Analysis of many recently collected limestone samples from the Guniutan Formation at two Yangtze Platform localities show elevated δ13C values in the same biostratigraphic interval (Microzarkodina ozarkodella Conodont Subzone) as the MDICE in Baltoscandia, which justifies identification of the Chinese δ13C excursion as the MDICE. These occurrences, which are in strata that show striking lithological and conodont faunal similarity to the Swedish Holen Limestone and some coeval units in Estonia, indicate that the MDICE, the stratigraphically oldest of the named Ordovician δ13C excursions, is likely to have a world-wide distribution and to have great potential for local and long-range chemostratigraphic correlations.

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