Accelerator mass spectrometry 14C ages on monospecific marine microfauna from raised mud record initial deglaciation of the eastern coast of Scotland before 21.0 cal ka bp. Two subsequent ice-margin readvances occurred prior to the Loch Lomond Advance and are identified from ice-contact deposits overlying marine mud. The Lunan Bay Readvance dates to <20.2 cal ka bp, and possibly <18.2 cal ka bp. The younger Perth Readvance occurred between c. 17.5 cal ka bp and 14.5 10Be ka. Within dating uncertainties, these readvances are similar in age to ice-margin fluctuations documented from the Irish Sea Basin and northwestern Ireland and record three near-synchronous fluctuations of much of the British–Irish Ice Sheet margin during the last deglaciation, suggesting a common response to regional climate forcing.

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