The lithospheric structure across the Møre Margin has been studied by integrating regional elevation, gravity, geoid and heat-flow data together with available seismic and geological data. Our results show that the Moho depth varies from 42 km beneath the Caledonides to 20–15 km beneath the basin and to 13–16 km in the oceanic domain. The lithosphere thins in a step-like manner from 160 km inland to 60–80 km in the oceanic domain. A comparison with the Vøring Margin reveals that both margins have similar crustal and lithospheric structures. Major dissimilarities are: (1) the volume of underplating beneath the ocean–continent boundary; (2) the lithospheric thickness beneath the Caledonian Front; (3) the lithospheric thickness beneath the distal parts of the margins. The heat transfer across the Vøring Transform Margin, the secular variation of lithospheric thickness with age, and the jump of the Aegir spreading ridge are responsible for these differences.

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