TIGGER was devised to study the geological factors relevant to the NERC TIGER programme (Terrestrial Initiative in Global Environmental Research). The geological initiative concerned itself with the collection of high resolution data to solve issues of global environmental change at different timescales. All of the topics concerned are critical to natural climatic changes since the Last Interglacial (c. 125 ka BP) and to the methodology of investigating these changes. TIGGER I, the SAHEL project, seeks to understand groundwater discharge and recharge since the LGM (Last Glacial Maximum) and the aeolian dune and lake changes since the Lateglacial in northeast Nigeria, an area highly sensitive to drought. TIGGER Ha is concerned with proxy records of climate change over the last two millennia and their application at a time of relatively low magnitude climate variation but characterized by high-resolution data sources. TIGGER llb has investigated the way that terrestrial ecosystems have adjusted to variations in climate, carbon dioxide and surface chemistry over the period 15–11.5 cal ka BP and TIGGER lie has attempted to reconstruct longitudinal palaeoenvironmental gradients across southern Europe during the Last Interglacial/Glacial transition based on multiproxy studies from across the region, two of which are recorded here: one from Kopias in Greece and one from northeast Mallorca.

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