The Lycian Taurides of SW Turkey consist of an allochthonous Mesozoic passive margin succession that was episodically detached from its autochthon and translated southeastwards between latest Cretaceous to Late Miocene times. A combination of structural analysis, sedimentology, palaeontology and geochemistry allows subdivision of this orogenic event into: (1) latest Cretaceous trench–passive margin collision causing ophiolite obduction and detachment of the Köyceđiz Thrust Sheet; (2) Mid–Late Eocene continent–continent collision renewing southeastwards thrusting and causing detachment of the Teke Dere Thrust Sheet and Yavus Thrust Sheets; (3) Miocene extensional collapse of the orogen with southeastwards translation of the allochthon coeval with rift-basin formation in the hinterland.

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