A. González, C. Arenas & G. Pardo write: Coney et al. 1996 considered that Late Eocene-Early Miocene continental deposits (conglomerates and related sediments) show an 'unusual distribution' in the south Pyrenean Thrust Belt. These authors proposed that the foreland Ebro Basin 'was filled and then backfilled to bury the flanking thrust belts on its margins, overlapping the southern margin of the Axial Zone'. As a consequence, they found that the youngest conglomerates were deposited furthest north, closer to the Axial Zone from which sediments were shed southward. Thus the youngest conglomerates should contain exclusively material derived from the Axial Zone, and this does seem to be valid for the Upper Thrust Sheets domain (fig. 3 of Coney et al.). However, from observations in that areally limited domain they extrapolated general conclusions, and proposed that not only was complete burial under syntectonic deposits a general feature of the entire southern flank of the Pyrenees, but it was also 'typical of the entire Ebro Basin and its surrounding mountain ranges'. This generalization contradicts much of our own data and paleogeographic reconstructions, and also information from many other geologists.

Previous stratigraphic and palaeogeographic studies in the Jaca Basin, west of the Upper Thrust Sheets domain (Puigdàfabregas 1975; Friend et al. 1989; Montes 1992) and in the Pyrenean margin of the Ebro Basin, west of the Sierras Marginales (Hirst & Nichols 1986; Nichols 1987,, 1989; Arenas 1993; Arenas & Pardo 1994) demonstrate that the conclusions of Coney et al. cannot be extended to those

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