The existence of the early Cambrian in South Wales is demonstrated. The ostracode Indiana lentiformis occurs in the Caerfai Bay Shales, South Wales and the Olenellid Zone Red Callavia Sandstone, Comley, Shropshire. The Caerfai Group (basal Conglomerate, St Non's Sandstone, Caerfai Bay Shales, Caerbwdy Sandstone) of South Wales is therefore correlatable with the Lower Comley Group of Shropshire. The Conglomerate and St Non's Sandstone are inferred to correlate with the 'Non-trilobite' Zone and eady part of the Olenellid Zone of Shropshire. The early or mid-Cambrian age of the Caerhwdy Sandstone and the definition of the Protolenid-Strenuellid Zone in South Wales remain undetermined.

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