A joint meeting of the Volcanic Studies and Tectonic Studies Groups, held at the University of Liverpool, 13 May 1992. Convenor: S. J. Day.

This meeting, the first joint meeting of the Volcanic and Tectonic Studies Groups for some time, was called to consider and promote the application of techniques and constraints from structural geology and geophysics to the work of volcanologists and igneous petrologists on both ancient and modern volcanoes, and to illustrate to structural geologists some of the problems and procedures involved in work on volcanic systems.

The meeting was opened by B. P. Kokelaar (Liverpool University), who illustrated the range of structural problems confronting the volcanological and petrological communities through a discussion of the possible ways in which structural lineaments may influence magmatism. This led into the first session of the meeting, which considered problems with the classical models, developed by Anderson, Mogi, Roberts, Phillips and others (see review in Chevallier, L. & Verwoerd, W. J. 1988. A numerical model for the mechanical behaviour of intraplate volcanoes. Journal of Geophysical Research, 93, 4182–4198), of the relationship between deformation around large intrusions and the stresses they impose on the rocks around them. R. W. England (BIRPS, Cambridge) & S. J. Day (Liverpool University) used examples from the British Tertiary Province to illustrate the complexities of the finite strain produced during emplacement of large volumes of magma close to the free surface, as contrasted to the simple stress trajectories of the classical models, which do not allow for

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