The papers in this thematic set arose from the meeting, sponsored by The Geological Society at Burlington House on Thursday l February 1990, on ‘Tectonics and Sedimentation ’. It was a joint meeting of the British Sedimentological Research Group and the Tectonics Studies Group, with oral presentation of 20 papers and several posters. About 160 people attended this lively and successful meeting. This introduction also serves (1s a report on the meeting. Of the 20 presentations, eight papers are published in this thematic set.

After an introduction by the convenor of the meeting and editor of the resulting thematic set, K. T. Pickering, the first paper was delivered by T. Elliott (Liverpool Univ.) on the controls on sediment deposition in foreland basins, and gave the resulting implications for basin modelling. This paper emphasized the importance of pre-existing structures in a thrust belt as a major control on sedimentation, together with ‘external’ factors such as climate change and global changes in sea level. These themes were to recur throughout the meeting.

The nature of collision-accretion by arcs and ridges against continental-arc CNSt was explored in presentations on forearc settings by S. Flint (Liverpool Univ.), E. J. Jolley (BP London), P. Turner (Birmingham Univ.), G. Williams & T. Buddin (Keele Univ.) in relation to the subduction of aseismic ridges at the Andean margin (also covered in a poster by T. Buddin on neo-tectonics of the continental forearc in northern Chile), and by W. Soh (Tokyo Univ.), K. T. Pickering (Leicester Univ.), A.

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