Whole-rock Rb-Sr studies on six suites of highly metamorphosed basement rocks from southern Egypt and northern Sudan, west of the River Nile, yield Pan-African ages (562–918 Ma): these ages are interpreted as reset. Orthogneisses give Nd model ages of 1600 to 2600 Ma for their calc-alkaline plutonic precursors. A gneiss derived from sedimentary precursors gave a mean crustal residence age of 2200 Ma. A series of I-type, late-tectonic, granitoids were intruded during a period of uplift, erosion, and wrench faulting at 560–620 Ma. Geochemical characteristics and Nd model ages (1200–1700 Ma) indicate that these rocks were derived from a mixed source of juvenile Pan-African mantle material and older continental crust of mainly early/middle Proterozoic age. Negative ɛNdt, values for granitoid samples (–18.9 to –5.3) show that the Pan-African episode in NE Africa, west of the Nile, involved considerable reworking of pre-existing crust.

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