This conference was held at University College, Cardiff, 22–23 September 1987, in memory of Dr Sven Føyn, former Director of Norges Geologiske Undersøkelse, who with Professor J. G. C. Anderson in 1962 established the Norwegian Caledonides research group in the Department of Geology at University College, Cardiff. The group is now celebrating its 25th anniversary. The conference consisted of 35 talks and 10 poster presentations with c. 75 delegates attending, mainly from British and Scandinavian institutions.

The conference was introduced by M. Brooks, welcoming delegates to Cardiff, and was followed by a short session on basement geology. T. Emmett (CCAT Cambridge) described a series of dolerite dykes in the Jotun Nappe of S. Norway the geochemistry of which suggested that there had been a late Precambrian, pre-Caledonian extension of the Balto-Scandian continental margin. I. Bryhni (Oslo) followed with a description of the supracrustal rocks of the gneiss region of south Norway and the equivocal relationship of these rocks to the high pressure eclogitized rocks of the basement.

The second session concentrated on the geology of Finnmark in northernmost Norway. B. Robins (Bergen) discussed the relationship between deformation and emplacement of the Seiland Igneous Province and concluded that deformation had occurred prior to the youngest intrusion dated at 531 ± 3 Ma. S. Dalyet al. (UC Dublin, Leeds and Cardiff) presented Rb-Sr and U-Pb (zircon) ages of c. 800Ma for granite bodies which cross-cut folds in the Kalak Nappe Complex, suggesting that the Klubben Group metasediments and the deformation

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