Report of a meeting of the Metamorphic Studies Group held at the University of Sheffield, 11 March 1987. The meeting was organized by K. H. Brodie and D. A. Carswell.

A Metamorphic Studies Group meeting on ‘Metamorphic Studies: Research in Progress’ and the sixth Annual General Meeting of the Group were held on 11 March 1987. For the first time the annual meeting was held outside London, in the Department of Geology at the University of Sheffield. It was very well attended, and 10 papers were presented on a range of metamorphic topics, including an invited contribution from T. Bell (James Cook University, Australia).

The morning session concentrated on high grade and regional metamorphic topics. C. R. L. Friend, in a joint contribution with A. P. Nutman and V. R. McGregor, presented the results of a reinvestigation of an area of amphibolite and granulite facies metamorphism in SW Greenland, involving systematic isotopic studies. The area can be divided into zones with significantly different tectono-metamorphic histories that have been tectonically juxtaposed prior to amphibolite acies metamorphism and deformation which affected the whole area. P. J. Treloar continued the topic of P–T histories of granulite facies terranes in a joint paper with J. Carney and M. J. Crow, involving an example from NE Zimbabwe. Attempts have been made to date two distinct metamorphic events that have affected the rocks, the second of which involved decompression associated with uplift of the area. D. A. Carswell discussed the reality of the postulated inflection

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