The pressure to publish more papers in the Journal increases, and the Council of the Geological Society has responded once more by permitting further expansion. The growth of the Journal over the past 36 years is shown graphically below (Figs 1 & 2). Will still further expansion be necessary or even desirable in the future?

Instituting a Short Papers section with rapid publication is one profitable way of meeting the pressure and details of this are given at the end of this Editorial. The Supplementary Publications Scheme is another and increasingly useful way of enabling data to be made available to readers of the Journal, and this Editorial publicizes details of the scheme and provides guidelines on how best to submit material for a Supplementary Publication.

The SupplementaryPublications Scheme

The growing volume of research, the increasing facilities for producing and analysing data mechanically, and the rising cost of printing have each made it more difficult to publish in the normal way the full details of experimental data which are available. Moreover, whilst there may be large a audience for the general methods of a research project and its conclusion, the number of scientists interested in details in any particular case may bequite small. Therefore, in consultation with interested journal editors, the British Library Document Supply Centre (formerly the National Lending Library) has developed a scheme for the storage and dissemination of detailed material which supplements articles published in learned scientific journals.

Under this scheme, authors submit articles and their supplementary

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