Report of a meeting of the Metamorphic Studies Group held at Burlington House, 6 March 1985. The meeting was organized by Dr K. H. Brodie.

A Metamorphic Studies Group Meeting on ‘Metamorphic studies: research in progress’ and the fourth Annual General Meeting of the Group were held on 6 March 1985. Fifteen papers were presented, on a wide range of metamorphic subjects, ranging from very low-grade metamorphism to high-grade granulites and migmatites. Half the papers were presented by research students, and each contribution was followed by lively discussion.

The morning session was chaired by Ben Harte, the retiring Chairman of the Group, and concentrated on high-grade metamorphic rocks, and regional deformation and metamorphism. I. Cartwright presented a joint paper with A. C. Barnicoat which considered reactions within partially melted corundum-bearing metapelites from the Lewisian Complex. They demonstrated that silica-undersaturated restites can co-exist with silica-saturated partial melts under appropriate conditions. This was followed by a contribution from T. F. Emmett on the magmatic and metamorphic evolution of high-grade rocks from the Jotun Nappe in Norway. The Group was then pleased to welcome J. C. Schumacher from the Mineralogisches Institut in Kiel, F. R. Germany, who presented a paper describing microstructural evidence for reactions producing a range of Al-rich assemblages and discussing the relative roles of diffusion versus reaction in controlling the reactions. P. J. Treloar then gave a paper describing some unusual and colourful mineral assemblages from a Cu-Zn massive sulphide body in Finland, where high concentrations of Cr in the

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