The magnetic mineralogy, palaeomagnetism, and magnetic fabric of a Carboniferous mudstone-dominated red bed sequence and associated sandstones are described. Natural remanent magnetization (NRM) is carried by hematite both as relatively coarse particles and as pigmentary material; magnetite and goethite also contribute to the remanence of some mudstones. The magnetization of red sandstones is carried exclusively by hematite. Magnetic carriers have been identified using a combination of rock magnetic measurements, X-ray diffraction and 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy.

Both sandstones and mudstones carry a primary style magnetic fabric apparently related to the deposition of hematite particles. The reddening is associated with areas which developed better drainage and is genetically related to complex palaeosols in the mudstones, a feature indicating that it (and the magnetization) must have been approximately contemporaneous with sediment deposition.

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