Cluster analysis is combined with Principal Components Analysis in an attempt to study the variation in shell-shape displayed by non-marine bivalves of the genus Anthraconauta pruvost from the Sydney coalfield, Nova Scotia. Two assemblages of shells, 89 from above the Phalen seam and 91 from between the Harbour and Hub seams of the Westphalian D, are analysed.

The method requires the measurement of only six linear shell dimensions in order to produce a phenetic classification. The results are presented in the form of phenograms, stereo Principal Component plots and pictographs. Use of Principal Components Analysis allows the construction of reproducible pictographs with identified variational trends.

A new morphospecies, Anthraconauta calveri, is figured and described as a result of the analyses which are found to be broadly in agreement with the Trueman & Weir system of nomenclature presently in use for the classification of Upper Carboniferous non-marine bivalvia. Suggestions are made as to how this system of nomenclature might ultimately be modernized and revised

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