Report of the seventh annual UK Geophysical Assembly held at the University of Leicester from the 11–14 April 1983.

The seventh annual UK Geophysical Assembly on 11–14 April 1983 was sponsored by the Geological Society, London and the Royal Astronomical Society, who also published the abstracts of the 108 papers in the April issue of the Geophysical Journal (vol. 73). It included the Bullerwell lecture on 'Seismic stratigraphy and the evaluation of depositional sequences and fades' by P. Vail of Exxon, in which he demonstrated how depositional environments and facies can be predicted from seismic data through an orderly approach to the interpretation of seismic reflections. A. H. Cook (Univ. Cambridge) gave a second invited lecture on 'The physics of matter at high pressures in planetary interiors'. At high pressures hydrogen will become metallic, melting behaviour will be affected and electrical properties altered. He discussed their implications for our understanding of the structure of the planets and of the physics of condensed matter. B. F. Windley (Univ. Leicester) gave the third invited lecture on 'The tectonic evolution of the Himalayas', which is the subject of multidisciplinary study by a number of international groups at present.

The meeting was attended by over 200 geophysicists and graduate students from universities in the UK and Ireland and from industry. Three parallel sessions were held each day and were supplemented by about 30 research and commercial exhibits. The sessions comprised talks on lunar studies and geochronology; continental and oceanic structure; earth magnetism; earthquake and

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