Known mineralization in the N Antarctic Peninsula, although sparse, is comparable to that of the Andean metalliferous province. It includes porphyry-style Cu (MO and Fe) mineralization, polymetallic (Cu, Pb. Zn and Ag) veins, and a volcanogenic Fe deposit of Laco Sur type. Extensive areas of pyrite-rich hydrothermally altered rocks represent exposures of the high-level parts of porphyry copper systems. The known mineralization can be related to magmatism associated with subduction of the Pacific plate beneath the Antarctic Peninsula in the ?late Cretaceous and Cenozoic. A longitudinal distribution of metallogenic belts can be demonstrated; these are terminated by transverse tectonic boundaries which may reflect segmentation of the underlying subducted ocean plate. There is evidence that mineralization is concentrated along these tectonic boundaries.

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