The Sgurr Beag Slide is shown to be a syn- to late-tectonic movement zone of local F3 age within a regionally developed five phase deformation sequence. It truncates both lithological units and a major F3 synform, and is associated with the intensification of an F3 crenulation fabric, the widespread development of boudinage and the tightening of interlimb angles of major and minor F3 folds. The Moine rocks of the Glenfinnan and Morar Divisions on either side of the slide share the same pre-sliding history of deformation and metamorphism; they both contain minor F2 folds with strongly developed axial planar mica foliations enhanced in pelitic lithologies by migmatitic segregations, together with less abundant minor F1 folds. The slide is refolded by isoclinal major F4 folds and by major open F5 folds.

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