Deep boreholes and seismic refraction data are reviewed and used to constrain the interpretation of gravity anomalies in Norfolk. The sub-Carboniferous rocks range from ? Precambrian to Devonian in age, with the Palaeozoic sediments showing shales, mudstones and siltstones, often steeply dipping and cleaved. Seismic refraction lines show that compressional wave velocities in the sub-Mesozoic floor range from 3.5 to 6.0 km s−1. High velocities (5.6–6.0 km s−1) are found in N and NW Norfolk, low velocities (3.5–4.5 km s−1) in W Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, and intermediate velocities in the rest of the area. A broad gravity low is found in W Norfolk, and two interpretive models are considered: either a thick sequence of Palaeozoic sediments, or granitic intrusions in the metamorphic basement. The latter is preferred.

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