In rapidly developing countries, one of the chief impediments to efficient assessment and planning of geologic resources is the frequent lack of awareness of existing data and difficulty of access to available information. Such problems can be reduced by employing a computerized data storage and retrieval system.

Such a system is being implemented by the Water Resources Development Department and Ministry of Agriculture and Water, Saudi Arabia, to store data of water resources and hydrogeology. The lack of an adequate system of data storage has impeded rationalization and adjudication of existing data; to enable the introduction of sophisticated data processing techniques, all available data are being input to a multiple database. So far only the well-site data file has been implemented and details of 23,000 wells have been entered. A further 6 files are planned to cover all aspects of water resources and the hydrochemistry and surface water data files are now in preparation.

The data are managed by SYSTEM 2000 software loaded on an IBM 370/158 computer housed in the National Computer Centre.

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