Report of the Mineral Deposits Studies Group Sixth Annual General Meeting held at St. Peter’s College, University of Aston in Birmingham, 17–19 September 1980.

The Conference, ably organized by Dr R. A. Ixer with the co-operation of the University and the Department of Geological Sciences, to whom the Mineral Deposits Studies Group extend their thanks, was subdivided into 3 sections. The first day was devoted to a number of papers which covered varied aspects. Isotopic studies on the mineralization of the Ophir Valley, Colorado (Jackson), and the Ba-Zn deposit at Aberfeldy (Willan) were presented together with 2 papers on U mineralization in Namibia (Marlow and Clemmy). Ineson and Walters indicated the problems of correlating horizons and interpreting the attendant alteration associated with the igneous rocks in the South Pennine Orefield, while Alabaster & Pearce described the geological setting of the sulphide deposits in the Oman ophiolite complex. For this type of meeting, an unusual but interesting contribution by Broadbent et al. reviewed European Pb-Zn production and indicated recent research into new recovery processes for Pb, Zn and Cu as well as improving hydrometallurgical techniques.

Well over 100 people attended the second day, and were no doubt attracted by a number of papers related to Permo-Triassic mineralization. A review of the Permo-Triassic rocks and related mineralization was given by Clarke who, in proposing new genetic models, caused some disquiet amongst the audience. On a more localized scale, isotopic evidence indicating possible inter-relationships was presented by Harwood & Coleman, while Turner &

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