Detrital blue sodic amphibole, sporadic lawsonite and pumpellyite occur in beach and river sediments between Gazipasa and Manavgat on the southern Turkish coast. This area lies S of the metamorphic Alanya massif, which contributes to the detritus, but blueschists have not previously been recorded in the region. The blue amphiboles have a provincial variation related to differing conditions during their formation. In the eastern region, in the vicinity of Gazipasa and Demirtas, homogeneous glaucophanes, sometimes with remnant Ca-amphiboles, are characteristic. In the western region the grains exhibit a considerable variation of optical and physical properties and are crossitic-glaucophane, crossite and occasionally magnesio-riebeckite. The efficacy of sedimentary mineralogy in reconstructing a hinterland is demonstrated.

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