12–15 September 1977 Engineering Group Regional Meeting held at the University College of Cardiff

Engineering geology of soluble rocks

23–26 September 1977 Third meeting of Geological Societies of the British Isles held at University College of Swansea

24 September 1977 The Geological Society and Geology Department, Swansea

The importance of the rare event in geology

Is the Earth about to have one of its queer turns?

M.A. Whyte

Small showers last long, but sudden storms are short

D. V. Ager

Short term events in the history of deep sea sediments

A. T. S. Ramsay

Continuity or episodicity in Cordilleran plutonism

W. S. Pitcher

The distinctive structure and rapid evolution of the Tertiary Volcanic Province of Scotland R. R. Skelhorn

A selection of rare geological events and their relevance to environmental concerns and issues of the 1970's R. L. Austin

Implications of the Solar System's most common process—impact cratering R. J. Hodgkinson

Joint meeting between Volcanic Studies Group and Mineralogical Society

Pyroxenes in igneous systems

(Conference Report: Journal135)

25 September 1977 Joint field meeting between Volcanic Studies Group and Mineralogical Society to the Ordovician volcanic and associated rocks in the area between Strumble Head and Newport. Director: T. W. Bloxam

Joint meeting between Marine Studies Group and Irish Geological Association

Marine geology off western Britain

Structure of the continental margin in the South Western Approaches D. G. Roberts

A reconnaissance multichannel seismic survey has been made by the I.O.S. on behalf of the D.O.E. across the margin

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