Directions of magnetization have been measured in dykes and gneisses of the Central Zone of the mainland Lewisian and in the Laxford granite sheets. Nine Scourie dykes from an area around Lochinver have yielded closely grouped directions of magnetization giving a mean palaeomagnetic pole at 37.3°N, 274.8°E (dp = 6.9°, dm = 9.6°). The direction for a Scourian granulite falls very close to the mean for the dykes,

A regional difference in magnetic stability has been discovered and this, together with evidence concerning variations in the opaque minerals, has formed the basis of an interpretation in terms of metamorphic history. Stable magnetization was probably imposed in the late Laxfordian metamorphism at about 1800 Ma. Upon closure of the Atlantic Ocean there is good agreement with North American apparent polar wander paths.

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