2 January 1975 Christmas lecture for children.

Oil from beneath the sea A. J. Smith.

7 January 1975 Hydrogeological Group Meeting.

A joint meeting with the Hydrological Group of the Institute of Civil Engineers.

The characterization of groundwaters using trace elements.

8 January 1975 Ordinary General Meeting. State of the Art Seminar.

Rates of Deformation N. J. Price, (Journal131 P- 6).

14 January 1975 Joint meeting between Engineering and Tectonic Studies Groups.

Discontinuities: Their origin, characteristics, and significance in engineering geology.

Introduction A. W. Skempton.

Development of fractures systems in sedimentary rocks not subjected to tectonic deformation N. J. Price.

Discontinuity patterns in granites W. R. Dearman.

Discontinuity systems and styles in some folded sedimentary sequences P. L. Hancock.

The significance of discontinuities in the weathering of mudstones R. J. Chandler.

28 January 1975 Geological Information Group. Bibliometrics in geology.

29 January 1975 Ordinary General Meeting.

Demonstration: New Cambrian faunas from St. Tudwal's Peninsula, North Wales M. G. Bassett, R. M. Owens & A. W. A. Rushton.

Recent collecting from the Hell's Mouth Grits of St. Tudwal's Peninsula, North Wales, enables an assessment to be made of the taxonomy and stratigraphical position of the Cambrian faunas first reported by D. A. Bassett in 1960 (in Bassett, D. A. & Walton, E. K., Q. Jl Geol. Soc. Lond.116, 103). New species of protolenid and eodiscid trilobites are present, together with a brachiopod, sponge spicules and trace fossils.

Studies of the western British continental shelf and margin:

A new Tertiary

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