31 January–1 February 1974 Marine Studies Group & the Royal Society Meeting

Submarine geology of the English Channel.

The full proceedings of this meeting involving about 25 papers will be published as a special publication of the Royal Society.

19 February 1974 Engineering Group Meeting

Aspects of hydrogeology overseas.

20 February 1974 Ordinary General Meeting

The geology of Montserrat, West Indies. W. J. Rea.

Interglacial coleoptera from Bobbitshole, Ipswich, Suffolk. G. R. Coope.

These papers will appear in the July issue of the Journal 1974.

The type Wenlock Series. M. G. Bassett, L. R. M. Cocks, G. H. Holland, R. B. Rickards & P. T. Warren.

The discussion of this paper will accompany the paper itself in a future issue.

7 March 1974. Special General Meeting

Discussion on revision of the Bye-laws.

Discussion on the report of the Working Party on Professional Recognition.

Both these discussions had been preceded by the circulation of documents to all Fellows.

12 March 1974 Engineering Group & British Geotechnical Society Meeting

Discussion on the state of the art of engineering rock mechanics. E. Hoek & P. Londe

13 March 1974 Ordinary General Meeting held at Norwich

Prediction of geological hazards.

Earthquake magnitudes and recurrence intervals, San Andreas fault System, California—significant information for land-use planning. J. C. Cummings.

Recent earthquakes in California (e.g. San Fernando 1971) show that existing building codes and development practices are inadequate safeguards against seismic hazards, and that future planning and construction must include greater consideration of the behaviour of

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